Sunday, August 19, 2007

The NPNT post

No pics, cause I can't be assed to take many. And those that I did take, I can't be assed to postprocess them.


And I'm aching all over from this morning's bike ride. Winds aren't too bad, but the air was so cold and damp, water condensed all over my handlebars and speedometer, which is a first in all the years I've been cycling.

I still feel inadequate when roadies overtake me. Granted, they spend way more than I do on their bikes, they're more serious about the sport and they prolly train everyday.

But still, I feel a tinge of regret. It could have been me, decked out in flashy cycling apparel and overtaking them.


My rear wheel's gotten more wobbly lately. Is it cause I pump my tyres to near upper limit? (Going almost exclusively on the roads nowadays, I need the reduced rolling resistance.)

Think I gotta shell out the moolah soon to get a new wheelset. Next week, hopefully.

And maybe a saddle. And maybe new pedals.


Yesterday's practical exam is nothing short of scary. I dunno how I did. Probably not very well. Left out some glaring points, and it definitely shows that I haven't been reading up much or learning much about surgical procedures (which I know I'm not gonna do in future anyway, why bother?).


There's this go-karting fever in Singapore. And I'm keen to try it out. Anyone wanna join me?

Curious though. Will it give me the same kinda adrenaline rush that mountain biking usually gives me? If yes, bring it on, baby!

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