Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Appetite For Destruction

Yesterday was a day I'd rather not remember, so. Poof. If I choose not to blog about or recall it, it didn't really exist did it?

In the festive season of mooncakes, lanterns, and well, mooning.

Peripheral blood film. Taken with my cameraphone through the microscope.

The microscope lamp.

Through the 10X objective.


Annalakshmi at Chinatown Point. It's a crazy proposition, order what you want, then pay any amount you deem fit, as it's a restaurant that works on trust, and its profits support a number of cultural events and all. It's vegetarian, but the food is good, and those baked floury thingies (forgot the name) are absolute bliss.

Off to Bugis.

Words cannot describe the joy of retail therapy. Mulling over it forever, and finally got it. Put on the condom protector and a hastily cut the screen protector to size (bought a really big 7x7 inch one, cut it to size) then pasting it without caring for the bubbles I'd left. I'd review it in time. Getting the hang of iTunes after lotsa fiddling around, but I doubt it'll be much worse than SonicStage. Both have their frustrating idiosyncrasies.

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