Saturday, September 15, 2007

Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies

Had been mulling over plans to make a tasty-yet-healthy cookie using low glycaemic index ingredients, for health, for weight control and for personal pride.

So a rough sketch - rolled oats, wholemeal flour and less sugar.

Googled up a recipe from Hershey's. Added chocolate chips, substituted part of the plain flour for wholemeal flour, only using brown sugar and sparingly, left out chopped nuts cause I had none. (N.B. The modifications are more about clearing out the slow-moving stuff in the fridge than about health benefits. Choc chips, well, they're sorta unhealthy.)

Here's to geeky food engineering! (Though not to the extreme pedanticness of Cooking For Engineers.)

Didn't really bother to be precise with the ingredients - cookies have very loose tolerances, so you can bungle up a thing or two and still not cause any major disaster.

Mixed it all up, and oh noes! The batter literally SOLIDIFIED in the mixer. Added a dash of milk, and I'm good to go again!

Verdict? It's not too bad - I could go with even less sugar next time, I figure. However, adding rolled oats meant a grainy texture with bits that get stuck between your teeth. I guess, that's the price to pay for health.

But overall, it's not bad for a maiden try at a recipe, and yeah, I'd do it again!

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