Sunday, October 14, 2007

2 weeks

Stupid rain. Had to shelve plans to go to the Macritchie Tree Top walk with a friend.


It's the beginning of the 2 week break, and I'm bored already! Plans: Wait. Plans? I dunno, I'm just catching up on sleep and library books.

Classmates planning a budget trip to Vietnam. Should I? Should I not? Personally, I'm a guided-tour kinda person - I'm too lazy to go plan journeys, read up and all. But I guess I still like the thrill of freedom! Sigh. I dunno.

There's Hanoi and there's Ho Chi Minh City. Both? Or just one? It's a logistical nightmare to arrange transport between those 2. And well, I doubt I'd be comfortable with toilets in the backpacker inns we're planning to stay in...

I hate dilemmas!

Spent the night reading Stephen Crane's Red Badge of Courage. Finished a bit of it before I slowly dozed off... Red Badge of Courage is a raw, engaging thriller about the psychological battles of a young soldier in the American Civil War. Good stuff so far. Wars, all they do is to hurt both sides at once. Why can't they settle wars using football games rather than artillery? In the end, both are equally frivolous games, except that people hardly die in football.


A new morning! Morning bike ride. Exhausted.

Cumulonimbus clouds. Just like the past few days, a Sumatran squall is developing. Expect rain in the afternoon again.

Almost plonked onto the dewey grass while standing up! I overexerted, and got totally giddy and nauseous the moment I stood up. Loaded myself with water, hoping it gets into my veins, and I felt better.

I wonder, should I mix in some salt into my water? Might help me stay less dehydrated.


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