Friday, October 5, 2007

Richie tagged me

1. Link to your tagger and post these rules.
2. List eight (8) random facts about yourself.
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1) I spent the greater part of today, stuffing tubes into the mouth of strangers and helping them to breathe.

2) I get very bus-sick on bendy buses (especially the rear carriage) but I've never felt nauseous on a ferry or boat before. As for aeroplanes, the smallest of turbulence makes me uncomfortable.

3) I'm a closet audiophile, with a hi-fi set consisting of high-end JBL bookshelf speakers, and my Sennheiser HD497 and Creative EP630 are in regular rotation on my iPod nano.

4) At 3.9kg, I was born a fat baby. Grew up as a fat kid, yada yada.

5) I love to tinker with stuff. I assembled the desktop computer at home, I repair simple cold solder problems on my electronic appliances and my bike is maintained myself, from simple things like cleaning and lubing to more complex stuff like hub overhaul and brake installation.

6) My love life's pathetic. Never ever dated a girl long-term.

7) While it's pretty impossible by now, much of my ambitions still lie in the field of automotive engineering. Designing intelligent car transmissions, aerodynamic road vehicles, etc.

8) I wish I had more good friends who would hang out with me every now and then, so that I won't have to coop myself at home about every weekend. Yeah. I'm looking at you.

I’ll tag the following:

Alec, Iwan, Kate, Kieran, Pkchukiss, Ryan, todaealas, xalmon

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Pkchukiss said...

Arrrgh! I'm too busy, will do the tag at a later date!