Wednesday, October 10, 2007


After the deluge of videos and music recommendations, here's something that's blog-ish. A quick vignette of my real life:

I had a dream last night. Being locked up in a mental ward. A nurses trying to put me on a mysterious intravenous medication. Me screaming and bitching that I didn't consent to it. Successfully scaring the nurse and convincing the doc that I didn't need it. Speaking to other inmates and having realised that I was locked up for overdosing on benzos.

Weird dream.

A scarecrow isn't a kind of crow, duh! Mynahs and sparrows and pigeons coexist nicely with crows, so this paper crow in the food court didn't make any sense at all.

More tubes into more mouths, it's a pretty engaging posting, and I hardly get to sit down, which means I'm pretty tired lately. No matter how fit, many days times many hours of standing up do add up.

Survivor's guilt, but I feel bad for my 2 classmates who got a really scary and brash mentor for the posting. Usually it's me who gets the short end of the stick, so it's pretty weird this time round. It's weird, shouldn't I be feeling thankful rather than guilty?

I'm thankful for the simple fact that the estate I live in looks good - almost like something out of a Final Fantasy game.

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