Saturday, November 10, 2007

Bee Movie

You'd prolly have watched at least one trailer of Bee Movie in the past year or so they'd been screening them.

Jerry Seinfeld dons a bee-suit and goes wire-borne, comedically encountering a series of painful technical failures. Seinfeld voices his frustrations to Spielberg, who then decided to make Bee Movie a cartoon instead.

Sadly, Bee Movie does live up to its homonym, the B-movie. It's forgettable, bland and only occasionally funny.

It's the typical young rebellious insect protagonist who eschews the stifling communal insect colony life that is expected of him and engineers a series of events that leads to his eventual freedom which dumps him into situations he had never expected but he however finds his way eventually but ends up inadvertently bringing impending doom to the whole colony which he finally corrects in the nick of time therefore earning him respect in the colony despite being the rebellious individualist he is and then the story ends happily ever after.

Whether I was describing Bee Movie, Antz or A Bug's Life; or all 3 at once, I don't even know. They're all that formulaic.

Give Bee Movie a miss, if you're looking for something more than a cookie-cutter-insect-computer-generated-animation-comedy.

Speaking of which, why are there so many insect animations? And even more so, mice? Mickey Mouse, Fievel of An American Tail, the rats of Flushed Away, Pinky and the Brain, Stuart Little.

Anyway. If it's any consolation, Singtel paid for my ticket.

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