Thursday, November 1, 2007


School in full swing already, and this time I'm having a bad feeling about this.

Everyone's more organised; more informed and more in the groove with it than I am. Maybe I'm just slow, maybe I simply don't have what it takes. But how the hell do I know?

It's a major whinefest in my head today.

Is it because of me trying to tail-down my coffee intake? Been using lots of it to get through the schoolweek and a mid-week hangover, and like flying remote control planes on the simulator and like popularity, fame and fortune, it's always way more painful to crash land than to climb up.

Or is it because someone forgot my name today? I wish I could shrug it off, but it stings, knowing that I'm too unimportant to be remembered.

Classmates haven't been nice. Politicking, selfishness, hate, there's just too much of it in them to keep it all under the cloak.

Speaking of which, maybe collaborating with Richie to do a RC plane might be worthwhile. But the logistics!

I feel like keeping away from this big bad nasty tangle of a world, but that'd bite me on the ass doubly hard eventually, no?

It's been a bad day, right from the moment I looked out at the dark rainy sky.

Last night I was afraid I'd die in my sleep. I feared how no one would remember me.


Anonymous said...

who gives a fuck if they forget who you are? there is more to life than just that you dimwit.

Ryanryan said...

that's pretty mean. but that's coming from someone who nobody would give a flying fuck if he disappeared off the face of the world too.

gonococcus said...


may i suggest some basic classes in

1. etiquette
2. effective debate
3. basic english language

they may not make your extra chromosomes go away, but at least you will no longer look like you just dropped out of special school!

Anonymous said...

Hi gonococcus,

Glad to see that you are afraid to die in your sleep.

Usually you say you'd rather die and that you want to kill yourself etc.

It's a good sign that you rather not die now.