Sunday, December 9, 2007

Human beings are waterproof bags of cells

No no, I'm not letting the weather win this time. So when the skies got brighter - the first time in a long while - at about 5pm (confirmed by an all-clear on the rain radar), I got ready my bike and cycled.

Trying out a new route that makes sure I'm never more than a few km away from home, so should it start raining, it won't be that bad.

The tyres I run, they aren't that good in the wet. When I try to make a fast tight turn, it just doesn't feel right. I dunno if it's psychological or not, but once you reach a certain amount of tilt, there's this part of your mind that says 'stop, turn harder and you'll wipe out'. I can't really describe it - so maybe that's what poor cornering grip feels like?

Cycling on the major roads feels good. Especially when you're cycling fast. That feeling of acceleration and speed is addictive, I tell you. Metre after metre of road zooming under your tyres, and you're going so fast you swear you'd lift off the ground at any time.

But trust me, in windy post-rain conditions like today, it's no fun trying to steer straight while having all the vehicles overtaking you at close distance.

And while I was traversing Bishan Park, it poured. Soaked gloves. Water splattering in the eyes. Rain going up the nose (the human body obviously isn't designed for anything faster than a trot).Wet brake pads that screech and leave a tarry goo on your rims. It's just horrible.

Got my soaked ass home as fast as I could. While trying to keep my eyes open in the driving rain.

Bloody weather.

Gerald, now you know what I mean when I said that it's raining all the time over here lately.


Thinking of changing my bicycle frame to something higher end. But will red match my current fork?

My current bike:

Photoshop simulation:

Should I go for red or stick with blue? Bloody hell, a scandium alloy Voodoo frame with carbon fibre seatstays is tempting indeed.

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