Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Love Cats

Particularly if, as in the Avalanche 2.0’s case, it comes from a distinguished line of thoroughbred off-road machinery. The frame detailing is impressive for a bike at this price. From the fashionably gigantic, cross-ovalised down tube – which provides a massively stiff backbone from which to hang everything else – to the neat internal headset and pimp-ass, curved dropouts, this is a chassis that wouldn’t look out of place on a much more expensive machine. It’s a fact that’s borne out by the weight – or rather the lack of it. At a shade under 29lb it’s no anorexic whippet, but the GT skips up climbs with a little less reluctance than most mountain bikes in its class. - What Mountain Bike magazine, 2004

Or, I should learn how to stop worrying and love the bike. The one that I already have.


I woke up this cold morning, staring into the mirror. I definitely do look fat and ugly lately. Argh. I really should watch what I eat and exercise more. Gee, I'm really bad at disciplining myself at doing that. Maybe freaking myself out in the mirror every now and then might spur me on?

And of course, having a nasty mood and a shitload of food on the table at dinner doesn't help...

Not only ugly and fat, but also useless and unmotivated and stupid at school. Sigh.

My mood's pretty unstable in this dreary cold and dark weather. I almost lost it just because I had missed the early bus. It's hard to stay cool, calm and contended.


Bootleg children's sticker:

I never knew Garfield had such... inclinations!

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