Saturday, December 1, 2007

Me versus Nature

Morning bike ride. It's windy and rainy season, but I didn't reckon it was that bad until I saw the roads strewn with twigs and peppered with washed-up sand.

And crosswinds that could knock you down the bike if you weren't careful. You see, parts of the roads I cycle in are flanked by trees, and other parts face wide empty areas. Cycle across the transition, and the wind suddenly changes direction and speed, and you gotta stabilise yourself lest you veer off.

And back in the park, a huge broken branch lying diagonally across the tree and the path, only supported by a small branch on the tree.

Boy, it could kill someone.

Aren't you glad I survived?

But hey it's not as if I'm useful to anyone eh? There, you can start pacifying me, telling me that it's perfectly OK to feel inferior if I am indeed inferior.

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