Sunday, December 30, 2007

New Year Eve's Eve

So where did I stop?

Oh, I watched 200 Pounds Beauty (Googled it up and it's 'Pounds', not 'Pound', must be the quirky Koreanglish they speak over there) at Kok Wei's house and it's a really sweet movie. Fat girl likes guy, got sick of being fat, got totally liposucted and implanted until she became a jaw-dropping beauty, and coming to realise that the world is way deeper than just looks.

I almost got to watch 200 Pounds Beauty back when I went to Hong Kong, as it was on Cathay Pacific's in flight entertainment thingie, but the agency decided to bump me up to Singapore Airlines. Ended up watching Music And Lyrics (not good when you're woozy from the flight) and Letters From Iwo Jima (features American planes being shot down, right when the very Boeing I was on hit a turbulent spot). And indeed, 200 Pounds Beauty would have a suitable film then.

That was Kok Wei's party's night and I was one of the last to leave, because the movie was just so good. Ended up at Yio Chu Kang interchange, found that my 2 usual bus services had ended its last run for the night. And I managed to catch the last bus of that third service.

That's how much I liked 200 Pounds Beauty.


Barely 12 hours later, and I found myself in Yio Chu Kang again (if only I could sleep over at his place!), doing that stupid theory trial test thingie.

Had to book the actual test, and the dates were crappy, 4 February is the earliest possible. Sigh.

Hurried through it, went up the bus again, had a good nap and woke up in National Library.

Found a good seat, found some good books, and I was kept happy until 12.30pm when it's a gathering of primary school classmates who I have not met for 10 friggin years!

It was awkward at first, because it wasn't all that easy to recognise each other. Everyone's so different yet so alike as compared to 10 years ago! Dredged up happy memories, sad memories, while we ate at BK.


Sunday cosy Sunday. Every time I don't fall while riding my bicycle with those SPD pedals, I feel thankful for the good luck.

Pretty burnt out by cycling and running. I should try something new I suppose. Perhaps I should take up swimming, or Ben's suggestion to pick up a cushy gym membership to do BodyCombat?


Turns out, someone cancelled their basic theory test so I can do mine on 7 January! That's like, 4 weeks ahead as compared to 4 February. Yay!

OK I admit it. I cheated. I used a computer program called TimelyWeb to monitor the test dates on the web page every 5 minutes. And when it did, I sniped at it. I'm such a cunning beast!


BTW, all the previous words were just a filler for the reason why I'm publishing an entry now. It's:

Any plans for NYE that I can join in?

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