Thursday, January 3, 2008

8 facts about the second day of the two thousand and eighth year

Before I start off this entry proper, I have one thing I have to get off my mind.

Jacob's Creeks Chardonnay Pinot Noir sparkling wine is possibly one vilest alcoholic drinks I've ever drank. I've drank Made-In-Thailand Asahi beer, $7.90-for-750ml red wine and orange juice left to ferment in the fridge for two whole months.

But this particularly file concoction takes the cake. I know, I shouldn't expect much from a sparkling wine - especially one from a vinery known for its value-for-money wine. I should have seen it coming.

The first thing that hits you as you take its first sip is the discordant mishmash of flavours. Beer? Wine? Sparkling juice? I don't even know what it is.

The next thing is the sheer lack of character to it.

And the last thing is the wonderful after taste reminiscent of brand new tyres, yet-unsullied by the stench of asphalt and car exhaust. I can just imagine a fresh set of Michelins on my dream car - mind you, tyre hairs still intact - while I savour that after taste.

Good thing I bought only a 200ml bottle (to fulfil the 1 litre max for duty-free import). ABd thing there's still 100ml left in the fridge that I have yet to muster the courage to finish.


Random facts of 2 January 2008:

1. It's official. My nose has been whistling and obstructed like a defective turbocharger for days. It's affecting my sleep. Argh. Should I be kidnapped and have brown sticky tape slapped across my lips, I'd prolly die of suffocation.

2. 2-axled doubledecker bus, full stomach, long bus ride, nausea. Too many hardworking batchmates studying really hard in school. Studying in school sucks, because it makes me feel inferior.

3. Richie got his Acer lappy repaired for overheating issues. The fan got gunked up with dust - which happens to almost every Acer lappy, it seems. It's a matter of time for mine - the fan's making whiney noises lately.

4. Mos Burger Bugis is run by slow retirees. And when I say slow retirees, I don't mean that retirees are slow. I mean, the retirees there are slow. I swear the queues had more people than there were seated customers. I so wanted to just go into the kitchen myself to get the order myself. Argh. That cranberry flake shake thingamajig ain't too bad though. Imagine fresh cranberries, cornflakes, yoghurt on soft serve ice cream; that's what it is.

5. Sim Lim Tower sells all sorts of weird electronics parts. Including CAT 5e, coaxial, solid core and finally, LGBT cable:

(Googled pic, not original)

6. Marina Square is dead empty on a weekday.

7. Meeting up with Mysterious Girl after a long while was a refreshing experience. There's so much to catch up on!

(That's the way she poses. And, erm, I chose a blurred photo for added anonymity.)

8. Thai Express food is better than Thailand's Thai food, I insist! Thai fried beef noodles is quite good but I prefer their curries - and their desserts are really to die for.

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