Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Two double oh eight

So, it's time yet again to reflect on the good and bad and ugly of the previous year, in the way all those neverending TV shows do annual specials. It wasn't an easy year - in fact it's hell of complicated, with all sorts of new things I experience and crazy things I learn about myself and about the world.

It's year 2007 that I had truly learnt to love. It's no more about fleeting glances of great looking people and spur-of-the-moment fantasies, but love itself. It's a very intimidating emotion to feel, one that overwhelms, engulfs and sweeps one off his feet. Forget all those wooly theorisations on how ideal love should be; it's all bullshit. Try as one may, it's practically impossible to force one's head and heart to agree.

For the past years my heart had been caged in by the unrealistic demands of the head. And now that I have started to cautiously give my heart some space to roam, opportunities have blossomed and all that theories on love that had brewed for 21 years before that simply turned meaningless.

I still have much to learn and experience. So, 2008 is going to be the year when I'm going to come to terms with it all and work on the experience I had gained in 2007. I'm slow, I know. But that's just the way I am.


I guess... 2007 was quite alright. Despite the ups and downs, it seems the tangibles do speak for themselves. Lotsa new experiences, learned a whole shitload of stuff about what it is to be who I am.

Academics was messy but hey at least I'm surviving with somewhat decent reserves left. In terms of fitness, I might have lost much of that flab back in 2006, but 2007 is the year I got my bicycling up to scratch again, and traded in some flab for muscle weight. So yeah, I guess I'm a little closer to becoming a hunk.

Social life, it's a flat meh, so that's one thing I gotta spruce up for 2008.


And 2007 was a year of lotsa scary big-ticket purchases. A Nintendo DS Lite, an iPod nano, a Crumpler bag, G-shock watch, bicycle stuff, trips to Bangkok and Hongkong - and with a new camera, it's not sustainable. So I'd be a pauper for 2008. It's work, I hope.


And lots of alcohol. It started on the very first second of 1 Jan 2007, when Richie and I counted down over a can of Baron's beer each.

Cheap China beer, good imported beer, port, wine, vodka, wine mixes, Bacardi breezers, cheap Thai alcohol, you name it I've drank it in 2007. I swear I've drunk more in 2007 than from 1985-2006 combined. No it doesn't stem from dependence or a way to numb myself; it's just that I've realised how good alcohol can taste.


Of course, 2007 was dotted by my picking up of some culinary skills.


It really hasn't been that bad a year when I come around to thinking about all that I've learnt and experienced since. Yay!

Happy new year everyone!

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