Sunday, February 10, 2008


Acrobatic goldfish.

Hungry terrapin.

Bored to death in uncle's house. And well, bored people do crazy things to relieve that boredom.

Presenting.... the first paper plane with all of:
High aspect ratio fixed wing with ailerons
Bent leading edges for high lift
Anorexically thin fuselage
Horizontal stabilisers with elevators
Vertical stabiliser with rudder
Payload of 1 cashew nut (I think maximum load is more than that with some elevator trim)

It flies quite well for a paper plane, though there's no open spaces that I can use for further flight testing. What's impressive is that the plane weighs less than a sheet of A4 paper (lotsa paper removed from the sheet to create the high aspect ratio wing) but yet flies smoothly with a payload that's heavier than itself.

However, due to its length, I have to be very careful with the elevator trim and launch speed to avoid stalling it. Perhaps, adding slots in the trailing edge of the wing might help?

Argh. Back to school tomorrow.

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