Sunday, March 9, 2008

No Country For Old Men

No, this is NOT a movie on how the older generation of Singapore gets bombarded by calls from the government to start embracing information technology, and to file their income taxes online, apply for their ERS through the ATM and the planned obsolescence of VCRs leading to long-sighted old men having to spend hours fiddling with their spanking new DVD recorders just to set the timer.

No Country For Old Men is a movie that's essentially about:

1. A trailer park resident who finds a huge stash of money by chance
2. A policeman who finds it hard to cope with the new levels of carnage and violence he sees at the turn of the 1980s
3. A psychopath with probably the coolest villain weapon in movie history - a cattle gun which shoots a bolt using high pressure gas from a tank, then rapidly retracts the bolt

It starts off as one smooth 80s fugitive film, then morphs into something more complicated and engaging. Enjoy how the lives of these 3 men cross, and the motivations behind whatever they do. One note to the audience: never assume anything.

The ending however, is totally OMGWTFBBQSAUCE and simply isn't going to let you walk out of the cinema hall feeling satisfied.


It's one of the least boring Sundays in a long long while. Made pancakes on a whim - and sadly, they aren't well liked by the parents. Substituting plain flour for wholemeal and adding ground almonds might add dollops to the health value of the pancakes, but they just don't taste like the real thing. Damn. So much for healthy cooking.


Went out with Fadz and 2 of his friends, Joel and Becky for the movie, and it was definitely sweet hanging out with them!

I don't really know how to describe it. But it's really refreshing hanging out with people who aren't from the same NUS faculty as me. I'm getting pretty jaded by the NUS med conversations that hardly stray from the common themes of schoolwork, gossip and shallow chatter that really serves as filler more than anything. There's no room to be really ME, and engage in insightful and interesting conversation.

It's these moments I stop feeling like an alien. Please don't look at me funny when I talk about my favourite bands and the way I view existence, because it's part of me and I don't how else to speak. Please understand, I'm more than my schoolwork, and that's the part of me that I want to indulge in and express. Even if you, my schoolmates, disagree.

OK. Back to the topic.

YOu know those newurbanmale tank tops that flashy(fleshy?) men wear in Orchard? The bunch of us are still curious - what does the loopy strap actually do? After some brainstorming we came up with a few postulates:
1. weight training - have someone else tug the tank top from behind as a load
2. suicide by hanging - once they realise how bad a fashion disaster these tank tops are....
3. support for saggy boobs/moobs
4. support for the crotch (but our experiments have concluded that the loop doesn't stretch all the way downwards)
5. it's just an accessory - just for looks

After much deliberation, we still have no idea. But me, personally, I cant fathom why anyone would pay close to 70 bucks on something that looks so garish. Is it some gay pride thing? Because if it is, it's not gonna do the community any good to associate themselves with something so ugly and awkward.


Long John's Silver's has finally decided once and for all to give less pathetically-sized pieces of chicken, yay. (At least for the Cineleisure branch.) Perhaps it's because KFC is right next door, selling its $5 2-piece meals which are relatively better value.


All in all, I think hanging around with friends outside of my faculty makes me really happy. I should do that more. ALOT more.

Good thing is, Friday evening's booked!

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