Wednesday, April 30, 2008


It's pretty ironic.

Was busy running around, showing the professor the results we had found from analysing some research data for the department. He looked quite impressed. It wasn't even a project my classmate and I had asked for, since we already fulfilled our project requirement elsewhere. Maybe it as beginners' enthusiasm, maybe it was because the professor had the talent of convincing anyone to do anything willingly, but anyhow, we put in some hours into it.

The professor then had to rush off to interview the new batch of medical school applicants.

I remember that exact moment 4 years back. I was asked if I would be interested in the research aspects of medicine.

I guess my honesty didn't earn me any points, judging by how had I was pressed to justify my plan of delving entirely into clinical medicine and not research. Maybe that was why I only got in via the reserve list...

Turns out, exactly 4 years later, I'm assisting in a research project out of my own volition.

Oh boy, the fresh-faced medical school applicants who so enthusiastically announce their ambitions for the future would soon realise that much of those hours lying in bed charting out their lives will go to waste.

Obstacles and opportunities can never be predicted. Why mull over them?

Life's simple. Avoid obstacles. Grapple opportunities. There's not much point in regret if you follow this mantra.

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