Sunday, April 27, 2008

Consumerist KC

McGriddles is the new breakfast sandwich that Mcdonalds sells. It's essentially a Sausage Mcmuffin with hotcakes for buns.

Does it live up to the hype that weeks of aggressive advertising had built up? Let's see.

Hotcakes - good stuff. Maple syrup infused hotcakes - even better stuff. Sausage Mcmuffin - good stuff. Sausage Mcmuffin with hotcakes for buns - not so good.

There's a discordant clash of sweet and savoury which really detracts from the whole experience. To be honest, the hotcake buns (if you call them buns in the first place) were quite alright (though YES I unabashedly say I can make better pancakes than that). But I'd rather eat them separately. And in that case, sandwiching it all together doesn't make any sense eh?

It's gimmicky.

The crunch: Buy it. But eat it by the layers. Not as a sandwich.


Speaking of which, I realise I'm a sucker for deluxe sets and those bouns CDs with rare tracks and demos.

The Kook's Konk. It's good, upbeat stuff, like I've been gushing about the past couple of weeks. And the bonus CD Rak didn't disappoint, with a totally sweet acoustic version of See The Sun and other tracks that can almost rival the album material.

Amy Winehouse's deluxe print of Back to Black is a must-get, if only for the perfect cover of The Zutons's Valerie.

And all those deluxe/bonus/boxset albums I've accumulated over recent years. Yes I'm a whore for those. If only they didn't cause a shelving nightmare since they're all of different sizes.


Anonymous said...

griddles suck, not to mention that they have an insane amount of calories/fat packed into its nuah, chewy fatty package. Do they have biscuit? after trying biscuit i can never go back to muffins again.

after trying emusic and amazon mp3 store i'm just wondering... is the physical album really relevant anymore? I rip my albums at high quality and shelf them immediately.. and now that I can buy high quality rips at lower prices I don't see why I shouldn't do that. Like I bought M.I.A.'s Kala off AmazonMP3 and at least 400 mp3s off emusic already. It's great to have music that I can redownload at my convenience if I ever lose the mp3s. It also helps that the US currency is so weak now =).

kc said...

nope, havent heard of biscuit over here, is it like some scone kinda thing?

the thing about online music is, no cover art! and most of those audiophile grade cd players still can't do mp3s

though singapore's CDs are prolly one of the cheapest in the developed world, albums are often $16.95 over here these days and no, they aren't the cheapo 'special singapore edition' ones with missing bonus tracks so the difference between mp3 and physical cd isnt that huge

and lastly, corporations, recordable media and hard-disks are all at least an order of magnitude more fallible than the trusty pressed CD