Friday, June 13, 2008

Melbourne Day 2: Great Ocean Road

Early early morning, barely refreshed by the 10h slumber in the hotel. Mercure Welcome hotel, if you wonder. It's pretty cramped, but the location's smack in the city centre so it's alright.

Boarded the coach again, and saw this eye-catching shop display.

Then, it's off to the Great Ocean Road on the Volvo B12B coach (12 litre engine!), which was both powerful and quiet.

Curvy, hilly roads, and at some parts the road is 100m above sea level and right next to you is a cliff dropping off all the way to the sea. Scary.

The weather wasn't exactly holding up.

Raining right where we had just passed.

A quick stop at Apollo Bay, a really quaint and lively small town. The drizzle stopped and it was getting warm enough for me not to wear a jacket. Hey, I'm quite resilient to the cold!

It was a Saturday and both tourists and locals were milling everywhere. Families taking their dogs for a walk, flea markets, the town's bustling with activity despite its small size.

Tasty ice-cream made freshly in the store.

Went through the Great Otway National Park.

The 12 Apostles.

I see a rainbow!

There's a helicopter ride there but it costs AUD$80. Not worth it, so I gave it a miss.

Seagulls at Port Campbell.

Port Campbell is a tourist trap where everything's prohibitively expensive.

The London Arch, formerly known as London Bridge back when the middle arch still stood.

It got late, and we were on the coach all the way until nightfall making our way through the freeways to Geelong, a small city, for our buffet dinner.

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