Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I <3 beer

When I drink alcohol, people will ask.

"Oh so you went partying?"
"Nah I was at home."
"What's the occasion?"
"No occasion. I just wanted a beer."
"Drowning your sorrows eh?"
"Urm, no?"

Am I the only one who puts the same kind of connotations to a can of beer as I would to a can of Coca Cola/Pepsi (depending on which way you lean)? Like, beer is cold. Beer is refreshing. Beer tastes good. Beer makes me happy.

Rather than beer being a drug you use to avoid reality, as akin to marijuana and cocaine? Beer is intoxicating. Beer is addictive. Beer is harmful for you. Beer makes you a sad alcoholic.

What's up with all the bad rep that alcoholic beverages had gathered in the last century?

In 1997, the World Health Organisation concluded that the reduced risk from coronary heart disease was found at the level of one drink consumed every second day. -BBC

Drink in moderation. It's good for you. And never, never drink and drive.

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