Monday, October 13, 2008

The morning of 9 October was a foggy one

The cool, damp muggy air. The blurry buildings in the background. The amorphous cloud that shrouds the end of the road from your view. The shiny condensation on the pavements. The cylinders of light projecting from car headlights. Goodness knows how much it made me miss my Melbourne holiday.

From the paroxysms of thick fog that the aircraft taxied into and out of in Melbourne International. To the humidity in the air condensing onto the cold wings of the 747.

To the balmy morning.

To the nice people there.

To the scenery.

To the food.

I miss that place.


Fog forms when the dew point approaches the ambient temperature in the presence of particulate matter in the air.

The moisture in the humid air condenses onto the particulate matter, essentially forming a very low-lying, homogeneous cloud.

This was the weather for that same foggy day in Singapore. Note how the temperature and dew point met in the morning, coupled with the lack of wind:

Meteorology's fun!


Anonymous said...

yeah man during my windsurfing days i checkout those sites alot. man.. i was looking at wind ...

speaking about australia, i am going tasmania on wednesday!

Anonymous said...

i meant looking at wind speed.. damn i'm so drunk