Saturday, December 6, 2008

A reply from Mcdonalds

So the mysterious call that I did not manage to pick up in time was indeed them. Here's the reply they posted on my blog, quoted in verbatim:

Dear Ms Lee,

We are sorry to hear of your unpleasant experience with our Mega McSpicy. At McDonald’s, we take all feedback on our food very seriously and will not, at any time, compromise on the stringent food safety standards in place.

Since receiving your email on 29 November, Mr Raymond Tan, Business Consultant for McDonald’s Bishan Junction 8 has been attempting to reach you on your mobile to no avail. Nonetheless, because of the strong stance we take on food safety, we have sent samples of our McSpicy for testing and would very much like to speak to you to further aid us in our investigation.

We would very much appreciate it if you could contact Mr Raymond Tan at 6462 0800, if you do not hear from him today.

Claudia Yeo
Communications Department
McDonald’s Restaurants

To Claudia Yeo and the rest of Mcdonalds. Thanks for listening. It's good that Mcdonalds is taking action.

First of all, it's Mr Lee, not Ms Lee. But you can call me KC. A harmless but very embarrassing error.

To be honest, after all that fiasco. I will still eat at Mcdonalds, but that is entirely dependent on whether its promotions are good (if not there's always the $2 Double Cheeseburger!), because I prefer other fast food chains the days I want to splurge.

Nevertheless, I will give my full cooperation when they call me, I won't call them because I don't know of anything that might be useful to them that I don't already have on this blog.

The vegetarians have something to say. They have used my experience to try to justify why meat and fast food is bad, but ended up with a non-sequitur. With arguments like "signal from the Above", who needs logic?

I love animals.

Therefore, by extension, I love all types of animals - including chickens, pigs and cows.

And by extension, I love the parts of animals - including chicken wings, pork chops and beef steaks.

Meat is murder. But it's just the way the ecology works, we can't help being omnivores, the same way the deadly crocodiles can't being carnivores.

Time to munch into my tasty lo mai gai breakfast.


Anonymous said...

I think your complaint is... whiny. You can't handle the spice, just don't eat it.

What next? People who complain xxx from yyy burger chain is too salty?

too sweet?

too bitter?

too crunchy?

Then how?

kc said...

dude at least a dozen people have had diarrhoea from it so far....

Anonymous said...

"at least a dozen" out of thousands, it isn't that huge a figure? the "dozens" who got diarrhoea such as urself whine about it but how bout the many thousands who are enjoying it?? go figure

Anonymous said...

I SO agree with anonymous. you are probably one of "at least a dozen" (out of tens of thousands) who have some sort of hypersensitivity to the type of chilli they use, that's all.

Anonymous said...

I think there's something wrong with your blog. Everytime I come and visit it, I get a tummy upset and the runs.

Please do something about it.