Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Pretty amusing. The people involved in the previous post didn't take kindly to it. They claimed I had made false accusations (my word against theirs) which I still vehemently stand by. Previous groups have had similar experiences as me.

Looks like I'll have to retract the post, since they decided to threaten me with reporting it to the school. (Does the school have any say about what goes on in private? This is Singapore, shit happens, so I won't bet on the school respecting boundaries.)

I really feel bad for Okay Girl.

Was it worth it? If they realise the way others view them, then yes it is all worth it.

The irony is that the confrontation was the only time I got them to listen to me. Trust me, it was really refreshing to have been able to speak more than 2 sentences at a go, AND have them listen without interrupting.

Everyone's so caught up in their cocoons, there's no way to really talk about things until they blow up.

In other news, end of posting test went well. Had a good chat with an old friend. Getting sick of the windy rainless weather. And bad knee.

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Anonymous said...

Good job haha I read the previous post. I guess in the end the accused were right to confront you about it and say that you should have talked to them first (considering how public and read your blog is), but still, if the outcome is good then so be it.

Need to catch up (online) some time. I'm stuffed full of Math and CS assignments.