Thursday, April 2, 2009


Apparently no one really knows what to make out of the exams - it was easy in some ways, difficult in others, and sieving through the rumours that have been floating about is simply too painful to bear.

Whatever. I'll just wait for the official release of the results. Gosh this is depressing.

Right after the exams had ended, I had a very serious bout of diarrhoea, complicated by dehydration and antidiarrhoeal toxicity (felt woozy and had a headache and wanted to puke). Being sick throws a monkey wrench into everything. EVERYTHING.

I'm only barely recovering.

And this post is the first to be posted on my spanking new PC, to replace my notebook which has since suffered from multi-organ failure (trust me having only 2 USB ports left on a notebook is painful when you're dependent on both an external mouse and an external hard disk). Hard disk, DVD drive, monitor, keyboard, mouse all bought previously.

Will be going to Taiwan for the next week, hope there's free wifi there to keep you updated!

Weather looks good.

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