Friday, April 10, 2009

Taiwan - Flora and Fauna

Taiwan takes its flora and fauna seriously.

Random animals along the way:


Ornamental pumpkin.

A custard apple-pineapple hybrid. Tastes weirdish. Like very hard custard apple.

Flowers. There are flowers grown everywhere in Taiwan:

One night in a resort farm (Nanyuan Resort Farm in Liouying Town, Tainan County) built in a huge garden. The wooden huts face the lake, and they lend out bicycles for visitors to explore the park. Also keeps a few specimens of animals.

Squeeze this fruit lightly and it uncoils and disperses its seeds.

Alishan national park:

Cherry blossoms were grown in the area during the Japanese occupation.

The Japanese also fell most of the red cypresses, some of which were more than a thousand years old.

This tall one is the oldest tree in the forest, being more than 2000 years old.


It got really foggy on the way down Alishan.

Other assorted flora:

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