Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Taiwan - Food

Taipei's famous Shilin Night Market, which has many smelly tofu, fried chicken cutlet and oyster omelette stalls.


Ximending sells something that tastes almost like roti prata, but came from China. Has spring onions in it.

Ah Zhong's flour noodles. Pretty tasteless actually. You buy it from a stall and eat it while standing up.

Shaved milky ice.

Their instant noodles has a pouch in it with real meat in it. Tasty. But pricey at a little more than NTD $48/SGD $2 each.

Pig's blood rice cake:

Tea eggs are everywhere, even in 7-11s. This pic shows huge goose tea eggs in the same pot as the usual chicken egg ones. One of the best ones come from the jetty opposite the Sao's island at Sun Moon Lake.

Traditional indigenous Taiwanese fare includes alot of glutinous rice.

Fried oysters are served with tomato sauce in Taiwan.

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