Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Cadbury Dairy Milk - UK vs Australia shootout

Was pretty pleased to find Cadbury Dairy Milk from both countries in Mustafa the other day, so I bought both for a taste test.

UK Cadbury is the one in the purple foil wrap, Aussie is in that cardboard box.

First tasting:
UK Cadbury - Very strong cocoa taste, doesn't really melt in your mouth and has a very grainy mouthfeel. A bit disappointing.

Aussie Cadbury - The milkiness is the first thing I notice, and it's extremely creamy. There's a slight caramel aftertaste to it and less of the cocoa taste. Melts in your mouth perfectly. Sweetness was about the same for both.

Second tasting:
Aussie Cadbury - as above

UK Cadbury - Tasting the Aussie Cadbury before the UK makes it very evident that the UK cadbury is the inferior product. The cocoa tasted artificial, and the mouthfeel is simply inferior. I don't like it.

Verdict: Aussie Cadbury (easily available in Singapore) pwns UK Cadbury hands down


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I love Cadbury especially the limited edition one..The Cadbury Rose.

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