Thursday, March 11, 2010


Pardon me for the paucity of my entries, but I haven't had the drive to blog in a long while. Work has taken a generous bite of my life, and turned me into a zombie.

In other news, I have one thing to blog about.


It's a sport and a hobby, dammit.

You don't buy into the bicycling thing by just owning a shiny expensive bicycle overnight.

You don't just don messenger bags just cause they're oh so cool.

We grew up riding those bicycles. We spent our youth figuring out how to tune our deraileurs, we spent our teenhood always saving up for our new bicycles - they weren't much, but they meant a lot given how hard we had to save up for them.

We rode, because that's pretty much the only thing we could do, having spent all our time and money on our bicycles. But we loved it.

It was our life, and it always will be.

We grew up on those roads and trails.

Did you?


Pkchukiss said...

I used to do my home to East Coast Park many years ago. No bloody time and energy to do that now :(

And that makes me a sad panda

SaucyKod said...

Hi There - First time visitor - yes, we bicycled everywhere. My first bike was actually 3 bikes torn down and put together by my Dad, who then painted it bright red. I have fond memories of me and "Red". I am still bicycling and at present have a red bike, no, not the olde one. ha,ha
I like your blog - I like that you speak frankly. I shall return - have a great day.

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