Sunday, July 29, 2007

Canned Heat

Feeling nua (soft, a sense of laziness) today. Which means, yesterday's Resolution To Action-Pack My Life So As To Have Something To Blog About is in shambles.


I should be more specific. In Dilbertspeak - defined tangible objectives. In other words, I make a list of what I should be doing.

1. Make sure my grades aren't sinking like a naval mine.

2. Go out with different people. Even if I'm not a socialite, ACT like one. As in, Xiaxue style.

3. Keep track of the latest movies and music.

4. EXTREME MAKEOVER. I wanna be even hotter, cuter, stronger, handsomer and attractiver than I am now. This involves eating healthily and lotsa exercise, so, please flog me hard and MAKE me go for my bicycle rides and runs. Or hey, I should swim. Cycling and running give me tanlines that just look horribly wrong.

5. Become someone's hawt hunky cool caring perfect boyfriend.

6. Make muffins. Or cookies. Or whatever. My culinary fingers are itching.


Today, I went for a run. Didn't sleep too soundly and, well Ryan called early and I didn;t get back to sleep. And that rules out bicycling - bicycling is not something you wanna try when you can't muster full concentration.

And the weather was crap. Ran through a wall of rain after another towards the end. If only there's some cool real-time system on a phone that lets you see which parts of Singapore are being rained on in real-time. That'd be cool.


Idled online. Blogsurfed. Random surfed.

KFC Hong Kong is LEET beyond words. Mushroom rice! Waffle fries! Vegetable chicken soup! French toast! It's a pity I didn't eat in KFC back in HK. 5 days is just too damn short.

Family's ordering KFC for dinner later I think.

Speaking of leet, it's sad. I almost laughed when I saw a lorry with 1337 in its license plate. Sigh.


Begged dad to help me cut my hair. It's becoming a major mess, flaring out at the sides. And well, I wanna get rid of the dyed hair too. So it's an ueberly short hairstyle. Which means, easy for my dad to do well. Shortish hairstyles are OK with neighbourhood barbers, longish hairstyles are only done well by experienced professionals.

I look weird in it. Such a haircut would look like utter crap in my fatter days (e.g. in NS a few years back) but hey, it looks pretty alright now, come to think of it.


I've been working out. Not just my legs, not just my arms, but my jaw muscles too.


aihui said...

Boy, U look better with short hair.

gonococcus said...

eeeek i dont!

hi, you're?

Ai Hui said...

Just happened to pass by... :)

gonococcus said...

yay for more visitors! :)