Saturday, July 28, 2007

We Used To Be Friends

An epiphany. It dawns on me that, well, my blog entries aren't very interesting. Was doing some blog surfing, vicariously living the action-packed lives of strangers.

So there. My resolution. To action-pack my life to make it more bloggable. It's a silly excuse to base a resolution upon, but hey, I'm silly and that's just me.


Oh wait, pictures do help alot too. A survey of popular blogs revealed to me that you need:

1. Pseudo arty-farty photos that really don't mean anything at all

2. An outward display of purchasing prowess for all things classy and kawaii

3. Food pics, brownie points if you actually cooked it yourself


Yay now that I've just posted them pics, let's see the hit counter spin outta control and explode.


I miss all that fun last night, crapping about everything and anything, speaking in pidgin Cantonese, trying to make sense of the language - all just for the hell of it. Spontaneity rocks.

So that's what my pathetic life was missing all along - friends. As in, not the kinda people you go to school with and go 'oh can we exchange our notes just in case I didn't catch everything the lecturer said' or the 'we're in the same group anyway so let's do things together'.

I mean, friends who one actually cares about and vice versa. It's pretty hard to find them around at my ripe old age of 22, as by now, all my peers are weaned off lofty ideas such as honour and respect. Instead, we all realise that nice guys finish last and the occasional act of dishonour can be justified if we benefit from it, no?

Or is it just the people around me?


The movie Hot Fuzz is good stuff. It's a British police comedy that's really well-done, complete with comic absurdism so funny, you'll go for seconds.

It's Monthy Python meet The Transporter. And with lots of blood. And when I say 'lots' I mean OMFG THIS LOOKS MORE DISGUSTING THAN WHAT I'LL EVER SEE IN ANY TEENAGE SLASHER FLICK.

Richie loves it. I love it. It got good reviews all round.

What are you waiting for? Go watch it.

Strangely, it never really taken off in Singapore, where there were only a few screenings a day in the cinemas even at its peak. Singaporeans don't really dig British humour.

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