Saturday, July 28, 2007

Just Like Heaven

Red Alert! Did I mention? I have a fetish for red stuff. And I'm still hunting for a red tee to replace my ageing collection of red tees. It's gone into a freaking obsession, but subconsciously, maybe I really want to stand out, to break out from the surface, from the sea of mediocrity. No matter how superficial.

The dreary commute to school. Again. School was nothing short of harrowing today, having a tutorial with a professor ever-so-famous for flaming and grilling the students, making them feel like they're the lowest scum on earth.

And he did live up to that reputation. Ouch.


Never mind that, evening, and it's dinner + The Simpsons with Cong and ZJ.

Some hot plate noodle with beef, chicken and squid. I forgot the place, but it's somewhere in the 4th level of Far East Plaza. It's not bad, but not impressive either. Especially when the sauce was the consistency of glue.

And then the usual hanging around, and just being ourselves. Yay for old friends!

The Simpsons. Didn't really expect that much outta it as the trailers were, honestly, crappy. But when Ralph Wiggum starts humming out the 20th Century Fox tune, you know, this is it. The Simpsons in all its true glory.

The movie was great, with ample tributes to the series itself. (The crashed ambulance at Springfield Gorge for example.) And with a tight plot and lots of gags, some recycled, but mostly new material. Gives South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut a good run for its money.

And well, it's rare you get such an enthusiastic audience in the cinema, who were cheering and clapping and REALLY laughing during the movie. Including that guy-guy couple seated next to me on the other side. I guess, this movie does have something to offer to everyone, from the ardent Simpsons fan (me!) to the casual audience. It's more than just running jokes and references and character quirks.

Gives South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut a good run for its money.

KC - SPIIIDERPIG says: damn, simpsons is good

|[ cong ]| says: sp is better

KC - SPIIIDERPIG says: but while [quality(sp movie)/quality(sp series)] > [quality(simpsons movie)/quality(simpsons series)]

KC - SPIIIDERPIG says: in the end quality(sp movie) < quality(simpsons series)

|[ cong ]| says: i'll say the other way round

|[ cong ]| says: i'll swap all your figures around


Ryanryan said...

i wans watch simpsons!

gonococcus said...

watch with me!

Anonymous said...

south park is wayyyyy better

gonococcus said...

simpsons is wayyyyyer betterer!