Thursday, July 26, 2007

War on War

Memories, they're a blur. The past few days, school days, have been harrowing.

Did I even remember eating this?

There was a night attachment at the hospital, and I remembered having had alcohol in my veins to tide me through. Well, there was this conference with free alcohol. So it's a more or less opportunistic thing.

Assisted in the operating theatre that night in a general surgery op, in the middle of a totally unrelated posting at the labour ward.

Barely had enough sleep. I miss my old friends, I miss the people who perked me up when I'm down. Where are they when I need them?

The next morning. Groggy.

Ambulance downstairs, and a SCDF motorbike with its radio on, blaring out the unmistakable transmissions of which ambulance was doing what.

Slept. Woke. Realised life sucks. Slept again.

Stoning at the computer.

It's a haze, days blend into other days, studying, sleep, stoning, it's a pointless excuse to exist.

Rain, and even shopping therapy fails.

Hey at least I still exist.

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