Monday, August 20, 2007

Blurry Eyes

Hung out with Cong at Bugis last nite, talked a whole lot about life, the universe, everything. I'm glad for friends. They whittle away my cynicism and angst. Even if I'm living my life vicariously through their experiences, I learn that hey, if other people can experience some good in humanity, there is hope left for me. Yay!


It's Monday again. Not to diss NUS or anything, but telling students by email Monday morning's reporting time on sunday evening is simply not acceptable. And that comes from a university that purports itself as world class.

Bah. On to the good old bus. A nap later, and I'm off to my new clinical attachment. Ophthalmology. The study of the eye. Interesting stuff learnt:

1. LASIK is actually safer than what one usually assumes ('OMG it's an op! It gotta be ueberly dangerous!') as the cumulative risk of wearing contact lenses over years is high.

2. Direct opthalmoscopy is way harder than imagined. But. Well. Still do-able.

3. Playing with the instruments and methods they use to evaluate strabismus (crossed eyes) I realise I have some mild exophoria. Prolly explains why when I read a book, I often end up with double vision and just use one eye to read eventually. Argh.


Busy day! Lunch was at 5pm. And call me suckered, but I bought mini hot pot noodles. It's just soup with meat and egg and crabsticks and fishballs. But with an ueberly cool flame at the bottom of the pot that continues to cook the stuff inside. And I just can't seem to photograph the flames nicely.

Bus ride home. In time to view the Braddell Road sunset.

Bumped into my secondary 2 teacher on the bus. Cool! But do I have to be reminded again and again that I look different nowadays? Sigh.


Getting the wheelset soon! Already prepped and cleaned up my bike to do so.

Thanks Togoparts for letting me win this book the other time! Comes in really useful when you wanna refer to something accurate and clear before you get your hands dirty.

They have some pretty funny diagrams.


I'm tired and sleepy!


Pkchukiss said...

I know that it's just me, but I can't help but think about Lasik as poking chopsticks into your eye. If you poke them hard enough, the eye might just work again. You know, kind of like how you bang your 15 year old TV to get the darn thing to work?

Ryanryan said...

*bangbang* >.<

gonococcus said...