Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Bicycle Race

My bike is out of the metaphorical hangar! After lotsa cleaning, lubing, adjusting and all. From the chain to the gears to the brakes to the alignment of the handlebars. Down to every detail.

You gotta maintain a bicycle as meticulously as one would do to an aircraft. One mechanical failure can mean the difference between an uneventful ride and a fatal accident.


Monday: Disassembled rear wheel. Got ready for the new wheels.

Tuesday: Bought new wheels. And pedals. Pedals went on really smoothly without a hitch. Not to be arrogant, but it's only expected from someone who can write a guide on overhauling pedals.

As for the wheels. Didn't notice they're drilled for Presta valves rather than the usual Schrader valves. Argh fuckfuckfuck I can't assemble them when the valve can'e even fit!

Wednesday: Bikeshop again. 3 inner tubes (always helps to have a spare) with Presta valves. And a nice cool Park Tools floor pump which I had been coveting for a while.



Wheels are Sun Rims 0 Degree XC laced to XT 2007 hubs. Schweeeeet.


I'll report back after my maiden ride on those wheels!

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