Thursday, August 23, 2007

Burn Baby Burn

QY was a great enough friend to tag along to the bikeshop with me for BOTH trips there. So this time (with some coercion) I tagged along with him to Wheelock to buy his Birkies!

Birkenstock is a German manufacturer of sandals and shoes, which is known for their quality and designs. Their products are made in Germany, no less.

Pricey though.

After QY took 2 and a half forevers to decide which colour/size/model to get, we just walked along Orchard crapping about random stuff and trying to fulfil his neverending quest to find his dream expensive watch.

Other than watches, QY shares many interests as me - bicycling, photography, etc. But his personality is, like, totally different from mine.


On to the maiden ride on my new wheels and new pedals! Not mention new tubes! And they're filled with maiden air from the new pump!

The bike accelerates a little faster, and climbs a mite more easily, but nothing dramatic, really. I no longer feel the vibration of the pedal bearings against my feet. I wasn't expecting much to begin with, as they're mainly replacements to ageing parts rather than upgrades.

Oh. And the pump rocks, cause I'm easily able to reach higher pressures with it. As it's a floor pump, you use your whole upper body strength to pump it, which means that you're able to inflate tyres really quick. Be warned though, pumping tyres quickly can become a strenuous workout that leaves you breathless and slumped on the sofa.


I hate young BMW drivers. One almost wrecked my bike, right turning halfway into the road while I was minding my own business, going straight along the road.

No offense. But if you're a young driver in a BMW, you're marked. I'm going to be extra wary and suspicious of you unless you prove yourself otherwise. Too many bad experiences.


Weather deteriorated soon after my ride. And then it rained.


Know why I'm getting fat?

Mom bought a shitload of snacks from Malaysia the other day. Of which, all taste AMAZING.


Lack of sleep. There's too much fun too be had, too little sleep to be had on public transport.


Pkchukiss said...

You're too kind. I treat all kinds of drivers on the road with unparalleled animosity. I hate how they try to nudge me to the side of the road - it's as if I was insignificant from their comfortable thrones of power.

I definitely agree with you on the snacks from Malaysia. I always load up during the coach layovers. You can't have too many of them when hungry friends drop by the house.

gonococcus said...

hmmm the trick i find is to ride at least one outstretched arm's distance from the kerb. that way, the drivers will have to make a conscious effort to overtake you, rather than going straight and hoping you dont scuff their side mirror

sadly, the snacks don't stay fresh for very long!