Saturday, August 25, 2007

Warm Machine

Thursday night. Rainy. And decided to call it quits for the day and hit the bed hoping to wake to a new tomorrow, because dark stormy nights are Not A Good Thing.

My table got wet and stuff because of the strong winds and rain. Bleagh. It just takes 1 thing like that - one superficial and reversible problem like that to send me down the spiral of despondency again.

Doubting my existence. Doubting everything. Might it be that the very years that I had lived had come to naught?

Oh whatever. I'm rambling. Just like that drone in my head. Anyway a good night's sleep fixed that.

I'm satisfied. I can do it all my own. Fixing my own demons in my head, I mean.


School. Friday. And I guess, more than ever, I'm appreciative for the classmates that I have. Especially those who've transcended the classmates compartment to the friends compartment, and even more so those in the 'dependable friends' compartment.

I ought to be a happy camper. Truth be told I'm not really feeling down or anything lately. Just that I've totally volatile. Good news can make me totally ecstatic. When bad things happen, I crash so low it's doubly painful.


I guess I don't remember much of Friday, except for turning in really early again.

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