Saturday, August 25, 2007


Being the bored, swinging single that I am, I'm going out with mom for a movie! She'd been wanting to watch 881 and so, I'm accompanying her.

Oh did I mention? I'm a Simpsons fan.


Another photo to add to my collection of Windows error messages on public display.


Call me incredibly WOLS. But I'm finally watching it, and truth be told, I'm pretty impressed by it. You know how most local movies literally scream 'HEY WE ARE MAKING IT SO DAMN OBVIOUS THAT WE ARE TRYING TO CAPTURE THE SINGAPOREAN FLAVOUR BY ADDING IN OFFTOPIC VIGNETTES OF HEARTLAND SINGAPORE SO GIVE US AN AWARD. OR TWO. OR THREE.'? This doesn't. Which is pretty impressive by itself.

With solid directing and a not-so-solid plot, Royston Tan manages to engage the audience without making them feel patronised by the localness of the film.

4 out of 5 stars. Because anything less would do an injustice to the fluidity of the movie. No kudos to their corny laser scenes though. There's an element of absurdity to the movie. It doesn't detract from the plot itself, but somehow, it just doesn't meld in to the rest of the story.

Especially with Qi Yiwu playing with his cock throughout the film.


Off to Toa Payoh.

There's an advertising campaign. They're giving out cash if you SMS the code seen on one of those adtags-on-legs.

Erm, cash?

Yes! Cash! My mom and I got $2 each for doing that SMS thingie and filling up a form with our phone number and stuff

Courts Toa Payoh, mom wanna look at microwave ovens. There's radio deejays doing some event there.

Current day microwaves do all sorts of cool stuff. They bake, they grill, they defrost, and nowadays they got new ones that steam (you put water into a compartment and it literally steams the food inside) and some even have this cool infrared sensor thingie inside so that you input the target temperature rather than the cooking time on the microwave control.

What can I say? Leet. But needless to say, these newfangled things are way expensive.

The Singapore Pools queue. It's sad really, so many people habitually queuing up just for a shot at fortune. Doesn't help that there's a really strategically placed banner for a pawn shop...


Did I mention? Delifrance muffins are going at only $1 and are ueberly tasty. They're big, sugary, pandany and muffiny. And not to mention, cheap!


Oh noes! I think I gained another kg! All that fat-burning goodness of this morning's run had just been annihilated!

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