Sunday, August 26, 2007

Tiny Cities Made Of Ashes

I gained 2kg, which means, in The Battle Against Tasty Food, I have to humbly admit defeat.

Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. Of the memorable foods that contributed to that 2kg in the past few weeks:

Raw fish noodles from Chinatown food centre next to Outram MRT
1A chocolate puff
Delifrance pandan and 9-grain muffins
Spring chicken
Random snacks mom bought from Malaysia
Roti prata
Chocolate milk
Kit Kat Chunky

The million dollar question. Live unhealthily and happy, or healthily and missing out on all that great food out there?

I don't even know.

But I know that added 2kg is starting to worry me a little.


Actually it's not much of a worry. I'm convinced that part of it is muscle weight. This morning I speeded up the hills on my bicycle like a jet plane taking off. I've been exercising a respectable amount.


Eating more food drives me to exercise more. Which is a good thing, as more food + more exercise = muscle. And oh well, there's a bunch of medical evidence that states that exercise is more beneficial than just diet control.

It's a reverse pyrrhic victory. I might have lost the battle. But I won the war.

Yay. Godly godly me.


Been catching up on sleep. Cutting down on caffeine. Sometimes it scares me seeing how worn and tired I am in the mirror - and that's after getting 7 solid hours of sleep every night for the past few nights. Bleagh. Did someone, like, steal my sleep?


I guess somehow, I'm not the sad whiney piece of shit I was a few weeks back. Heck. I dunno. I don't even know who I am anymore. I'm too easily influenced.

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