Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Push It

How good can a day be when:

1. I woke up late.

2. The teacher was late again, so it's postponed to another morning where I have to wake early again.

3. I messed up at school.

4. It rained.

5. The bus leaked water onto me.

6. The bike ride this afternoon was plagued with horrible headwinds. It felt like riding through a wall of water. Exhausting.

7. I feel sick and groggy after overexerting myself. Dilutional anaemia anyone?

But at least

1. I still got to school in time

2. The MCQ test wasn't too tough.

3. I got to leave early.

4. It stopped raining right before I got off the bus.

5. I got a good seat and a good nap on the bus despite.

6. I dragged my ass out to do some real exercise finally!

7. It's going to help me sleep better.


Is the glass half empty or half full? I'd just have to say, the glass is half empty AND half full at the same time.

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