Thursday, August 2, 2007

Say Anything

Thursday. The days blur into another.

It's the lack of sleep I swear. Every morning waking at a crazy hour to rush to school. So. as I was about to say. Coffee is bad mmkay. As if my sleep patterns are not messed up enough, I'm using alot of coffee lately just to get myself through the day. Ouch. And when I can't get my daily fix, I crash and hit an abysmal low.

This morning I tried going without. Doing the cold turkey, deciding once and for all to ditch caffeine.

Well. It didn't work. Too groggy, too tired to face the world. So here I am with another sinister brew of doom. I promise this will be my last today!


Lectures were painfully boring. I want out I want out I want out!

At least, I got to meet up with some pals who I hardly meet due to different postings yay. What a pathetic excuse to turn up for a lecture I had barely learnt anything from.

Medical students are way too caught in their own work, their own lives. Especially when I can be playing ouendan in the middle of the lecture theatre and no one notices.

I mean, dude, I'm so obviously in the middle of a totally fun, mesmerising game and they'd rather be snatching last minute glances at their textbooks.

This is the first time I played Ouendan and no one cared to take a second look.

I feel lost. Lost in a community where words like The Simpsons and DS and Foo Fighters are alien vocabulary.

I'm hoping to hell I'm not the only one who feels this way, that somewhere among my classmates, there'd be someone I can identify with.

Hope is important.


My classmates say I'm really doing OK in life. And it's not like I have no social life - I'm going out that very evening with a bunch of great friends. And I'm not in any family/social distress anyway.

So why do I feel so down all the time?


Out for dinner and ice-cream with secondary school classmates! Again, the usual feelings of inferiority, being with classmates who have progressed way beyond what I had ever achieved, and they're living happy lives and all.

Still, it was fun, catching up with friends and all. And the ice cream from Gelare was good!

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