Friday, August 3, 2007

It's The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)

Consumerist hell! Capitalist damnation!

It must have been the nap on the train that had addled my brains.

For I bought:

The head bops! It's solar powered.

It's supposed to bring good fengshui. There's a few varieties in different colours, for love, health, prosperity and stuff, but I chose this only cause it looks the best.

Packaging and literature.

Comes with a teeny weeny keychain!

The head bops with no problem in daylight, but it's hard to get a placement in my room where the florescent lamp lights it up sufficiently. Still trying out various parts of the room.

Staring at it is as strangely mesmerising as idly staring out of the window on long bus trips or staring at Microsoft Windows installation progress bars!


Ai Hui said...

I have one in pink.
What does that stand for then??
And oh, another hello kitty one too...heh...

gonococcus said...

heheh i have no idea, gotta decipher the jap or something!

Yucai said...

I bought one of those as a birthday present for my sis last year... U bought it from PS?

gonococcus said...

action city j8 actually, sigh im so loserish i gotta buy it for myself

Ai Hui said...

It's supposed to help U destress, ya?