Sunday, August 5, 2007

Rock the Casbah

A tribute to all turban wearers on Earth. Just because of some bad sheep among ya, you get detained at airports, the paranoid call the police on you and the racist hurl abuses at you. Even Quirrel from Harry Potter wore a turban, and he turned out the bad guy in the end.

You deserve better.


Morning. I made pancakes. Idled. Helped with curry. Idled. Took a nap (cutting down on caffeine means having to pay back ALL that sleep debt). I feel bad about it.

Schoolwork. I just can't get myself to bulldoze through it all. I don't even know where to start.

Sleep is good. And so, sleep, I did.


Sunday morning. Woke, quick breakfast, dialled the weather hotline (can't really tell when the sun hasn't full risen yet), then the usual bottle-filling, checking tyres and lights, etc.

Preparing for a bike ride safely is troublesome.

It wasn't too bad a ride, I pushed myself almost as hard as I wanted to. And the traffic was manageable and polite.

Was going downhill on Old Upper Thomson Road when I saw a really cute cyclist who smiled at me! But then, careening downhill along a sharp bend where chickens and monkeys (I kid you not) lurk behind means I had to concentrate on descending, and I didn't manage to wave or smile back. :( I hope I won't regret it. Oh wait, that's my raging hormones speaking.

From now on, I really gotta cycle every Sunday morning. In the hope of meeting that cyclist again.

Today I shall try to study harder! And maybe help my mom with groceries and stuff.

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