Monday, August 6, 2007


School wasn't too bad today, yay. It's the weekend that refreshes me. Hey at least I did manage to catch up on some sleep the past 2 days!


I don't know what possessed me to go ride my bicycle again in 2 consecutive days. Hmmmmm...

1. I wanna be hunky and cute and etc
2. I wanna be fit and feel good about myself
3. The afternoon coffee making me jittery and hyperactive
4. The perfect weather
5. Cute cyclist who waved to me yesterday


So off to check the Internet to make sure that I'd be having a smooth and dry ride.

And refilling the water bottles.

And checking the lights, tyres, etc.

And resetting the speedometer.

It's almost as complicated as flying a plane.


I've learned a new trick! If you eat a shitload of proteins and carbohydrates (as in, a REAL meal-sized shitload) right after strenuous exercise, you'd be refreshed and less achey. It's so effective, I now can cycle on consecutive days.

I hope this won't make me a lardtub. Yikes!

I'd better cut down on what I eat on non-exercise days.


I'm feeling strangely fine and athletic lately!

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