Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Set Yourself On Fire

(Cong: Yeah, I admit it. Star's Set Yourself On Fire is actually pretty decent stuff.)

Is it the weather that's searing my flesh away? Or the additional exercise (and consequentially food) that ramped up my metabolism to crazying levels? I'm a walking furnace.

Even the ice cream vendor is making a roaring business.

Set me free! Somebody! Or at least, buy me an air-conditioner!


School. Oh noes, a classmate and I are influencing each other to slack in school!

In lecture, used my notebook to show him my Hong Kong photos, and taught him a trick or two. Result?

A mangled portrait of me with an aerial view of eastern Singapore as the background, and a halo around my head, topped with a shellfish. WTF??

Yay I look thinner now! As compared to 2 months ago heading to Hong Kong.

Well, we all know that lectures and stuff don't hold a candle to actually going to memorise textbooks and notes. So leave home, screw the lectures and clinical attachments and do memory work instead. If that's what the system wants...

Spend the midafternoon acting like cyberterrorists, trying to get online using my notebook using the NUS wifi (the hotspot around NUH was down today) and then trying again and again, on the bus, at the MRT station, just to get osmething emailed to the classmate.

Finally gave up, decided to head home. And just before getting home, I used the Wireless@SG connection at Bishan Interchange, and yay it worked!

Techmology. We can't live without it.


I'm a fighter. And I've got people to clear things up with, skeletons to sweep away, cold wars to break. I don't know how things will turn out, but I guess I've made up my mind on my take of things. I've gotta move on. Move along, move along, just to make it through.

Full steam ahead!


Pkchukiss said...

What? It has been 2 months since your Hong Kong trip? I swear that somebody has been stealing my time!

Come to think of it, it's been more than one month since I last written a new blog post. I'm speeding towards the thirties, I think. OH MY GOODNESS! WE'RE ALL GOING TO GET OLD!!!

gonococcus said...

what can i say, we're all getting old and jaded!

Ai Hui said...

What? Lamenting about getting old at your age? Wahaha...If U guys are old, then I'm ancient already!! *hiaks*

gonococcus said...

i swear i've got premature ageing!