Thursday, August 9, 2007

Spongebob And Patrick Confront The Psychic Wall Of Energy

School was harrowing. Nuff said.

At least the next day's a public holiday!


Dinner with Fadz and Cong at Vivocity Food Republic. The murtabak rocks. For $4.20 (discount when you use a DBS debit card) you get a HUGE serving.

Cakes at Gloria Jean's was bleagh, but their coffee is thick and good.

Crapping about life, the universe, everything, late into the night.

Actually it's more about me rambling on about the superficiality of everything, the subjectiveness of everything we assume to be truth. Even the words I type right here - they probably mean a different thing to you as compared as to me. If that's so, how can I even communicate my thoughts precisely?


Poseurs. You get alot of loud, rude, aggressive, showoffy poseurs in Vivocity simply because it's a gateway to Sentosa and it's a new, allegedly hip shopping centre.

Maybe they're just sad people who had given up on life, so they try to create a niche for themselves, enjoying the superficial highs and lows that come with leading the high life.

Maybe, Bill Gates doesn't even need to bother with combing his hair simply cause he has more meaningful things to do than to obsess with superficial beauty.

Doesn't explain Donald Trump's hair though.


I'm sleepy and I'm rambling.


Merry fucking birthday, Singapore. Even the lampposts bearing your colours are crooked.


Pkchukiss said...

Well, there'll be no Canon fodder if there ain't these people, would there? If I can pluck up the courage one day, I wish that I can go up to them, and poke one of them with a stick, if only to see what would happen to me :-)

gonococcus said...

erm, thats foolish courage!