Thursday, August 9, 2007


Singapore Penal Code Section 377A

The media, the blogosphere, everywhere has gone rife with talk about the hotly-debated Section 377A of late.

Especially with all that mud-slinging and hate and everything in the Straits Times Forums. While the anti-377A camp had been pretty moderate, the pro-377A zealots have sent in some pretty cruel and shallow letters that do nothing other than to stoke the flames of homophobia in the public.

While the views about 377A are varied and conflicting, one thing is certain. Much of the pro-377A camp isn't debating according to the time-honoured tenets of logic and reason.

Angry Doctor has a running series entitled 'Sick, sick people'
which exposes how illogical many of the pro-377A letters are. From blatant abuse of statistics, to trying to confound the hoi polloi with medical mumbo-jumbo, to abuse of one's authority as a medical professional, etc etc.

The battle's rather absurd, really. Does our press have to stoop that low to even allow such letters to show up on the national newspaper?

Pkchukiss has a short piece on it which would resonate better among the non-medically/statistically inclined.


It's not that I'm some gay rights activist, but blatant abuse of statistics, science, medicine and even logical argument itself is more than enough to make my blood boil.

Speaking of which. Some same gender couples can be so totally kawaii and lovey dovey, you can't possibly have the heart to deny them their happiness!


Anonymous said...

gonococcus said...

hmmmm i dont really agree with those gay-pride/gay-publicity etc

it's just the same with any minority groups. black-pride, asian-pride, religion-pride, we-are-some-persecuted-group-pride, i just don't think it works that way, singling themselves out to fight for equality

the best way to achieve equality is to not to stand out. but along the way, expect the very same privileges their non-minority counterparts benefit and live life normally the way they have every right to.