Thursday, August 9, 2007

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

The writing's on the wall. I'm becoming a poseur, and I know it.

The very people I despite - those who use superficiality, appearances, fashion, popularity to get through life - that's what I've become.

I'm harder, better, faster, stronger and I'm proud of it.

While I'm not the fittest around, I'm way ahead of what I was. Today I just broke my chin-up record by 2 and well, I know I'm a pretty decent hill climber on my bicycle. I'm somewhat lighter and somewhat stronger, bringing my power-weight ratio to a new high.

Gosh. I sound like a freaking advertisement for a sports car.

And I'm better dressed than many. And I'm tanned. I rock.

Just a year back, I looked like crap and no one took a second look at me. Now, girls - and even guys - take a second look at me (you know you're guilty of it), sales assistants are friendlier to me (I didn't use to have 10 min conversations from just buying an article of clothing), everyone literally bows down to the Adonis that I am.


At the end of 2005, I told myself. I'm gonna make myself fitter and leaner and handsome, so that I can prove the world how superficial and absurd it is, treating me nicely just because of superficial things like these.

Looks like I've succeeded! Screw you, shallow, superficial world!

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