Saturday, August 11, 2007

Doomsday Clock

So here I am, back on the blog with some quick words on the music that I've sampled lately.

The Enemy -We'll Live and Die in These Towns
Hailing from Coventry, UK, this indie rock band is a yet-another-pleasing-to-the-ear-band-that-I-don't-find-special-enough-to-like. You probably have heard Away From Here, if you're into UK Top 40 music, and really, that's their only stand-out track.


Velvet Revolver - Libertad
Liked Velvet Revolver? I vaguely recall back in the early 2000s, there were supergroups being formed - Audioslave (of Rage Against The Machine and Chris Cornell), Zwan, Alter Bridge, etc.

And there was Velvet Revolver, which was Guns n Roses plus Scott Weiland from the Stone Temple Pilots. It was a moderate success, partially hampered by the fact that they had paid so much tribute to 80s hard rock that the album Contraband was behind its times. I gotta admit, I didn't like them enough to buy the CD; rather I had won it from a BigO Magazine contest.

This time round, Libertad takes the 80s hard rock tribute another level further. Like it or not, it's your call. They're more polished, more professional, more engaging.

But more 80s.

The Smashing Pumpkins - Zeitgeist

The Smashing Pumpkins had gone thru alot. They split back in 2001, and now they're back.

Oh wait, is it true? Actually only Corgan and Chamberlin's left, and it's no surprise this album sounds more like Billy Corgan and the Jimmy Chamberlin Complex. Don't fret too much, it still sounds much like Smashing Pumpkins from the Machina era. Not too bad actually.

Just that I doubt if it'll stand up to repeat listens. Personally, I never liked Machina, and I don't see myself liking Zeitgeist.


As for life itself, as in, my life:

School's going ok, easier than expected by a smidgeon. And National Day weekend sales rock. Robinsons had a 20% off which I wisely used to buy a red Nike tee. And Royal Sporting House Funan was selling Reebok running shorts at 2 for $30. Yay.

Weather's crappy though. Hot. Wet. Hot. Wet.


Today. Helped out with the morning grocerying.

Which reminds me. There's this article in the Straits Times about how they're going to raze down Queen's Pier and Graham Street market, in the name of development.

Depressing really. Those places are rustic and authentic, way more than anything in Singapore can be. Wet markets where you can actually see - and smell - the live produce. Colonial architecture, untouched by the meddling hands of redevelopers and commercialism.

Sigh. In the battle of city space, the one with the most moolah is invariably the winner.

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