Monday, August 13, 2007


Just some mostly-disorganised rants.


I officially have a beef with the weather. It's hot sometimes, rainy at other times, and always windy.

Managed to sneak in a bike ride in the morning before the thunderstorm ravaged on into the night. The roads were pretty devoid of cyclists for a Sunday morning - is it the recent bad weather?

In any case, the headwinds were a pain to fight, the tailwinds literally made me fly at 40kmh along Kallang river without even trying, and having crosswinds while going downhill at speed is nothing short of scary. You don't want to find yourself leaning to the far right and trying to get a steady grip on the brakes at the same time.

Strong winds from the south in the morning are characteristic of Sumatras (further explained here) which means, expect thunderstorms later in the day.


Blogs by doctors and medical students in Singapore are a disgrace.

They're all like, 'hey phe4r me because I'm leet enough to pepper the blog with medical terms you minions can't understand'.

And 'I'm saving the world and I have the right to blog like I'm a war hero. Oh, you being an outsider, you'll never understand how good and angelic we all are.'.

Or 'I'm into high fashion and the lifestyle of the rich and famous because my dad is loaded. Oh you don't know the brand names I talk about? You're just too lowly to be a reader of my blog then.'.



Revision's going nowhere. Fuck.

I end up getting distracted and reading up other fields of medicine. Everything except the subject I'm going to be tested in. Needless to say, this isn't one of those fields I'm going into.


I'm PMSey lately.


I made black pepper pork chop. With a gargantuan slab of pork fillet. Note to self. Leaving frozen meat in the fridge, even for 4 hours, won't defrost it. At all.

Speaking of fridge. My family has gone totally insane with carton juices and milk.


Ai Hui said...

Do U enjoy cooking?
Cos U seem like a good cook...

Ai Hui said...

And speaking of field of medicine...mind if I ask how much has been taught in school abt Miller Fisher Syndrome?

gonococcus said...

miller? fisher? thought one is for grinding wheat into flour and the other catches fish....

i cook cause im greedy! nah i get stuff burnt all the time

Ai Hui said...

Few guys can cook these days. Trust me. Your skills are not bad already.

Miller Fisher Syndrome is a neurological condition. Thought U could throw light wrt dis...