Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I'm still PMSey.


Generalities: I'm still alive, kicking, well, moving all my limbs, not showing any signs of distress or illness.

But deep down inside. The proverbial skeletons have come alive, gnawing at the wires, tugging at them.

Unresolved issues. I hate telling some friends a set of lies and other friends another. I have too much to hide. I know it's beneficial for me to hide certain uncomfortable truths, but this is too much.

I must do something about it.


I'm getting fat, argh.


Running off the fat doesn't help much if I'm eating so much lately.


Planning a holiday to Kuala Lumpur, a quick weekend getaway some time when I'm more free. Overnight train on Friday night, then back on Sunday night.

Train isn't too cheap if you take it from Singapore (at about SGD $40) but if you ride it from JB you pay only 40 ringgit or so. Problem is, you gotta take a 500m walk in a high-crime area.

However, overnight coach is even more dangerous. (Recently, a bus crashed at night and 20 died, you get a fatal intercity bus crash in Malaysia about once a year.) But more comfortable by loads.

Decisions, decisions.

Come to think of it, I don't even know who will be willing to join me on a weekend trip to KL. Need at least 4 to make up the numbers, and oh well, the world thinks I'm crazy so I doubt anyone would trust me to plan out a holiday...


But I know I want a quick getaway. All the same.


Pkchukiss said...

I would love to come along on the escapade, but I'm in the midst of my end of semester tests... Now, that'd be a different story if you were planning that getaway two weeks from now :-)

Noooooooo! Now everyone's going to know that I'm a mugger!!

gonococcus said...

prolly sometime in the FAR future, no plans yet!

Anonymous said...

hahaha great idea! if its a really short trip (and soon!) i'm totally game =)

gonococcus said...

unfortunately i think it's something in the far future!